First you put one foot on, the the other one. You think you may fall, but no. You just start to ow! Beginning’s tingling becomes an unavoidable smile, now: let’s go with the ow by Sevilla.
Jetwalk offers a perfect eco-experience to release tensions. Segway works with batteries, so it doesn’t pollute! Fun, freedom and environmental friendly. What else could you ask for?
Flow through Sevilla with JETWALK. Did you know we are the rst ofcial Segway Inc. Tour authorised by the city government?
Discover Sevilla, its monuments, parks, streets, and alleys. And the best, do it by Segway! Thrill yourself with every hideout!
With JETWALK you also have the chance to create your own tour of Sevilla freely. You can book our Segways and use them all the time you need... And ow through the city as you wish!
The most important is to make it fun. Do not be afraid of driving! JETWALK has the best tour leades, who will give you the best induction to drive Segways. It is easy and intuitive!

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Jetwalk Segway Tour Official

c/ Ángeles, 2. 41004-Sevilla

+0034 622277335.